Richard Meier: Museum Fur Kunsthandwerk

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The Frankfurt Museum for Decorative Arts is one of Richard Meier’s major buildings of the 1980s. This book looks at this building which is based on Le Corbusier’s Purist syntax and sets out from two existing geometries found on the site: the cube formed by the Villa Metzler (an earlier neo-classical pavilion, incorporated by Meier into the new design) and the slightly skew angle between the museum site and the riverbank. From these origins Meier created a building consisting of shifted grids, superimposed planes, reverse curves and ramps. It should be especially useful for all architects and students interested in museum design, or more generally in Richard Meier’s strategies of architectural composition. The book is part of the “Architecture in Detail” series. The books do not carry a contents list. The common layout of the books in the series is: essay, photographs, specially commissioned drawings, reference details (bibliography and chronology). Each of these monographs is designed to be a complete and accurate archival record and intended to be the standard reference on that building for students and scholars as well as practising architects.

Author: Amy Person

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